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ADJ + C-LA-FAM - an national association set in France

Breastfeeding Twins and + Consultation of Lactation Training in Breastfeeding

The very social image of breast and of breasfeeding is one of my creeds; I realized numerous workshops on this subject and La Leche League even called me on for writing a thematic Editorial for one of their newspapers. At the beginning of 2001 I had the idea to gather as many pictures of breastfeeding as possible, "normal-every-day" pictures, that gave birth to this exhibition

Those who are the most extraordinary are the mothers! And their babies!

I will be always grateful to the moms, for they accepted to make durable this exhibition - which initally should last 1 week at our home office and 3 months on the Internet

ADJ+ C-LA-FAM 11 avenue Lafayette F63120 Courpière 04 73 53 17 95 FRANCE

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My name is Françoise Coudray. I am a International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. I started supporting moms in 1998 and training/lectures by 2000. Beyond my national expertise in breastfeeding multiples, I take care of all moms at a regional level. Support by phone, email, messenger
consultations by appointment to my home office; possible Skype. I am also a trainer in breastfeeding and human lactation.

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2004 : les panneaux viennent d'être réservés par une maternté,
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